Monday, December 29, 2008

Add the Splash Guard

I'd like to get the car off the jack-stands and back into a position where I can drive it while still adding things like the guages. After installing the speed sensor, the last thing needed under the car is the splash guard to protect water and grit from getting into the Warp9.

After playing around a bit, I found that a piece of ABS plastic 15" x 18" and 3/16" thick will probably work. I've used a 9/32" drill bit to drill four holes in the plastic so I can tie-wrap it to the factory splash guard and the transmission.

Here's the plastic tie-wrapped to the original splash guard. For the lower-left tie-wrap in the picture, I had to drill through both the 3/16" plastic and the factory splash guard to get the tie-wrap through. The remaining hole in the upper right will be to attach that corner to the bottom of the transmission. The tranny mount hole is 1.5" in from the right edge.

Here's the splash guard in place. There was a spare bolt hole under the adapter plate with no bolt in it, so I found a bolt that fit and used that to attach the tie-wrap for that corner. Although the bolt sticks out, it's actually rather tight because it's bottomed out in the transmission case, so I don't expect any problems. I could have probably used a beefier tie-wrap, but it works for now.

Here's the underside of the installed splash guard. It completely covers the bottom of the Warp9 but gives it about 1" of clearance to breathe for cooling. This picture was taken from under the car looking towards the drivers side wheel hub. The front of the car is to the right.

The next task will involve hooking up the tachometer and the Link-10, which will be tricky since it involves a lot of under-dash work.

Good Night.

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