Monday, December 8, 2008

A Different Tachometer

After a suggestion I received from Bryan Belk (of Belktronix), I decided to go with a different tachometer than the cheap Shucks one:

This tach is only $96 and comes with a customizable face. I was even able to add the text "Civic EV" for free! The other cool thing is that it has an LED driver on the back for a particular shift point. This could easily be set and tied into the LVP (low-voltage-protection) circuit on the controller to prevent over-revving the motor. Initially, I was going to create a someone complex circuit that measured the spaces between tach sensor pulses and triggered the LVP circuit when they got too quick. This gauge takes care of that function and allows non-circuit designers with the open-source kit to have over-rev protection as well as a really cool tachometer that fits easily into the 2" pillar pod.

With all this stuff ordered, I'm just enjoying a little down time until things come it. Cheers.

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