Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tachometer is Here!

This is a cool day(And not just because it's freezing outside). The package with the custom tachometer from SpeedHut arrived.

Although I received the 2-hole pillar pod last Friday, I wanted to show it here since I ordered both items from Speedhut. The wiring harness is nice and long. The small module in the lower left of the photo is the dash light interface which allows a variable dash light brightness to control the tach brightness as well.

This is just too awesome for words. I hooked the tach up to a small 12V battery to light up the dial. I'm psyched that I got the "Civic EV" lettering for free.

On the backside of the tach is what looks like a standard 1/8" stereo audio jack to drive an optional shift light LED. This is what I'm going to drive the LVP signals with to disable the motor controller PWM if the RPMs get too high. Bryan from Belktronix is working on an interface now (tentatively for $10-15) that will tie this output into his controller system as a rev-limiter.

Progress is slow these days due to the cold weather. The garage is freezing and I'm not motivated to work too much with frozen fingers. My employer is forcing everyone to take off the next two weeks to make the financials look better, so I'll have time to wire up the tach and possibly finish the splash guard under the car. Since the roads have been covered with ice, I'm leery about taking the car out and sliding it into a ditch.

A small can of POR-15 should be arriving tomorrow that I can paint the remaining battery hold-downs with and there's one Batmon board left with a bad zener diode on it that's back at Belktronix for repairs.

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