Monday, December 8, 2008

Assembling a Price List

I always wondered how much this kit really cost me, aside from tools, so I assembled a total parts price list and uploaded it to the Civic-EV Google Group here:

I'm a bit surprised I came out below $10K (barely).
For those of you who have done conversions, please check my spreadsheet and let me know what I missed. One of the high-wants for the kit was that it would cost < $10,000 and I might have actually done it.



Dean said...

This list is very helpful. I am thinking about starting an EV conversion and have been researching for a while. I did not see a charger listed, or did I miss it?

Keep up the good work, cant wait to see the finished product.

TimK said...

Hi Dean, the charger is part of the Belktronix controller system which contains the contactor, controller, charger, potbox and BMS system.

Cheers, Tim