Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cleaning up Loose Ends

After working with Bryan from Belktronix yesterday, I found out that I had blown some components in the IsoBatMon, the Charge Detector and one of the BatMon boards. Those went off in the mail this morning back for repairs. I'll try the system again when the parts come back.

In the meantime, it looks like the speedomter is working again. I also purchased a new headlamp to fix a burned out right hi-beam. It turns out the problem wasn't the bulb but a *missing* fuse in the fusebox. I suspect the prior owner sacrificed the fuse to fix another circuit but didn't replace it. Oh well, I now have a spare bulb...

The Belktronix system calls for a 60A fuse between the DC-DC and the main battery. I utilized the existing alternator input for the DC-DC output and replaced the factory 80A fuse with 60A equivalent.

Theoretically, I could drive the vehicle now, but charging would get very tricky as I don't have a charge monitoring system. I'd have to watch the battery voltage like a hawk or risk hurting the batteries and shunt resistors.

There's still much work to do in the way of deciding which gauges I should use and writing open-source instructions. At this point, I'm a little burned out, so I'm going to take this weekend and just clean up the house (there are EV parts *everywhere*) and get my dining room table and kitchen back.

Many thanks to all the congrats and well-wishers out there who have supported me in this effort. I hope this open-source project proves fruitful, especially if gas prices go back up next year.


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