Monday, December 8, 2008

Ordering Gauges

While I wait for the charging components to get fixed, I did some research on gauges to monitor the state of the system. My goal is to use as much of the existing dashboard as possible and then add low-cost gauges in order to prevent any motor problems and detect faults.

The list I came up with:
  • Mount a Link-10 E-meter in a pillar pod to monitor current and state-of-charge
  • Mount a tachometer in a pillar pod to monitor RPM and use the sensor as an over-rev protection device
  • Make a circuit to drive the "low oil" light when the 12V car battery is less than 13V to detect DC-DC failures
  • Tie the "battery" light to the low-voltage signals on the Belktronix system to point out undervoltage on the main pack
  • Make a circuit to drive the "check engine" light when the motor overheat contacts open on the Warp9
  • Future Option: find a temperature sensor that attaches to the Warp9 that will drive the temperature gauge on the existing dashboard
To that end, I went ahead and ordered the following
I still have to find out the best pillar pod for these gauges since the Link-10 monitor is physically deep and will probably stick out quite a bit. I also have to design the schematics for the oil light and overtemp light.

In order to protect the BatMon boards from water splash (at least in the engine compartment), I ordered a bunch of 2x2" plastic boxes. I don't know if these will work since I don't know the heat dissipation requirements, but I'll give it a shot.

Have a great week everyone,

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