Monday, December 29, 2008

Frustrations with Zolox sensor mount

I tried installing the Zolox sensor mounting ring for the Warp9 motor from EVsource today. It looks like the holes on the mounting ring don't line up properly. The holes for the Warp9 casing don't match, so I had to drill them a bit larger so the bolts would go in.

Here I've placed the spinning magnet onto the end of the tailshaft with a short 1/4 bolt to properly center it. If you look closely, the spacing is off so that the shaft isn't properly centered in the mounting ring. It looks like the fabricator got the holes offset. This position is critical because the spinning magnet only clears the inside of the sensor by about 2 mm on all sides which is really close.

Furthermore, I tried using the supplied screws to attach the Zolox sensor and they immediately stripped out the plastic. I'm frustrated that a mounting ring that should just work wasn't really thought out that well.

With stripped out screw holes and a non-centered shaft, this spacer ring really needs some work. I intend to countersink some depressions on the bottom of the screw holes to allow for a true bolt to go through the ring with a nut. This shouldn't strip out and allow for better mounting. As far as getting centered, I'm not too sure the best way to do this. I'll either have to re-drill the holes in a different place or drill the existing ones larger and clamp the ring down hard in the proper position.

Ugh. Happy Monday.

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