Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Presents

Santa was good to me this year. I received a Link-10 battery monitor from my parents. I don't think they understand what it does and why it costs so much, but okay, they got it for me anyway. The items on the right came from Belktronix. The wires on the upper left are the Link-10 voltage prescaler. The module on the upper right is the DC-DC to supply an isolated 12V to the link-10. The grey cable on the lower left is the tachometer interface which activates the LVP motor shutdown when the tach shift light turns on. The pink bag on the lower right is the fixed BatMon board with a zener diode.

I have a week left of vacation to try and get this stuff working. We'll see how it goes.

Happy New Year to all.

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