Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Routing the LVP/OVP Cables

In addition to the thick, high-current battery cables, we need to route the OVP (over-voltage protection) and LVP (low-voltage protection) wires from the rear BatMon boards to the front BatMon boards. The instructions say to route these away from the high-current cables and away from each other to prevent noise.

I decided to route these through the rubber plug that the fuel tank wires go through. Here is the rear seat lifted up and the fuel tank cover removed. I've cut the fuel gauge wire and fuel pump power cable.

Here are the two shielded OVP/LVP cables routed through the rubber plug with the cover screwed back down. These cables run rearward under the seat backrest into the rear trunk where the batteries are.

Here's the same fuel tank lid, but under the car. This also shows a little of how I routed the high-current cable in the radiator hose along the brake lines to the holes in the sides of the rear trunk.

This shows how I routed the OVP/LVP cables along the underside of the car towards the fuel line brackets. I tucked these cables behind the brake lines and tie-wrapped them in to protect them from road grit.

This shows the OVP/LVP cables coming out of the brake line run at the front of the car and going up into the engine compartment.

I wanted to make sure these lines didn't interfere with any moving parts, like the steering column, so I tie-wrapped them to other non-moving cables to keep them out of the way. Later, I'll connect these to the BatMon boards in the front and rear to enable communication.

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