Thursday, December 11, 2008

Plastic Boxes and Speed Sensor

I got some fun stuff today. The plastic boxes for the BatMons and the Zolox speed sensor with Warp9 mounting hardware came in.

Here's a pile of 2x2" plastic boxes 1/2" high that fit the BatMon boards quite well. If I cut off one side, I should have at least some protection from splash and other grit that enters the engine compartment.

Here's the Zolox speed sensor from EVSource. I don't know if it will work correctly with the SpeedHut tachometer that's coming, but I hope so. It took me awhile to figure out what the wires were. Red is +12V, Black is GND and Green is an active pulldown (Otmar uses a 2.6K pullup) every time a magnet (4 per revolution) in the small wheel passes the sensor.

Here's the spacer ring that allows easy connection of the Zolox sensor to the tailshaft of the Warp9 motor, also from EVSource. Since I cut my tailshaft off and there's very little clearance, I might not use this, or slice it thinner. With the cut tailshaft, I also lost the threaded hole in the middle of the shaft. I'm thinking about epoxying on the magnetic wheel instead.

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