Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Surprise from Electro Automotive

While putting the engine hoist away yesterday, the UPS driver came and dropped off a surprise package from Electro Automotive.

Here's the mystery package.

Wha... Wait... Can it be??!! ElectroAuto actually sent me...

The Civic Adapter Plate! Here is one side of the adapter plate on the left with the shaft mounting hub in the lower right corner of the picture.

Here's the backside of the adapter plate and the flywheel side of the shaft hub.

Here's a close-up of the shaft taper-lock hub and bushing. The right-hand piece clamps over the shaft on the Warp9 motor and wedges inside the tapered hub on the left which attaches to the flywheel.

The adapter plate is actually two pieces. The part on the right bolts to the bell housing on the transmission and the spacer ring on the left allows the motor shaft to protrude the correct distance beyond the adapter plate.

Here are the adapter plate and hub mounting instructions (click on picture to zoom in and read them). It contains the "magic number" so you can properly adjust the distance from the face of the flywheel to the face of the adapter plate so the clutch works properly.

I'm really surprised that I received this from ElectroAuto within their claimed delivery time. My experience in the past has been less than stellar with promptness. Of course, ElectroAuto farms out the fabrication to a local machine shop, so perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised.

With the Warp9 motor scheduled for delivery the first week of July and the Belktronix controller scheduled for early July, we might have a working system faster than I expected.

Given my personality, my big challenge will probably be to slow down and document everything without blasting through and just getting things done. This project is, after all, meant to be detailed instructions for other folks. I'm hoping I can get some assistants to join me next week to take pictures or help document the process. Perhaps I'll get a camcorder or a voice recorder over the weekend.

Whoosh, this project is starting to take off rather quickly...


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