Monday, June 30, 2008

Adding Chain for Engine Pull

My buddy Andrew is coming tomorrow morning to help me hoist the engine out of the compartment. I went out to Home Depot and purchased the following:
  • four foot length of 1/4" chain
  • one 10mm x 1.25mm thread bolt 30 mm long

The engine didn't come with hoist brackets, so I put the 10mm bolt into this hole on backside of the camshaft cover (drivers side) to hold one end of the chain.

I picked a reasonable length on the chain and used one of the bolts on top of the tranny to hold the other end.

When I pull the chain tight, it has a reasonable 90 degree angle in it. I've also moved several items like the spark plug wires out of the way so the chain doesn't pinch anything when we raise the engine.

One more critical measurement we need to take before removing the engine is the height of the transmission. If we install the motor and the transmission is too high or low, it won't behave properly with the drive-shafts. With both the front and back of the car up on jack-stands, I found that the bottom of the transmission is almost perfectly level with the bottom of the front bumper. Here is my level touching the bottom of the transmission case.

Here's the other end of the level touching the bottom of the front bumper. The bubble is showing just about perfect. Now, my garage floor is slightly sloped and the jack stands may not be perfect, but this is good since I'm not moving the car before installing the motor/tranny combination. Other people might need to make their own measurements based on a different slope in their garage.

Looks like I'm good for when Andrew shows up to remove the engine.

Next Up: removing the fuel and exhaust system

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