Sunday, June 15, 2008

Getting a Baseline on 0-60 times

My friend Jonathan was in town this weekend, so we took some time on a traffic free Sunday morning to get some 0-60 times from the original Civic. The first run took 12.70 seconds, but we agreed that I wasn't pushing the car much. The second run was goofed by slow traffic. The third was fairly indicative at 10.33 seconds. I'm sure many other folks could do better than this, but I wouldn't want to push the car much further. I consider this a good baseline for comparison with the final electric vehicle.

On a cool note, I received e-mail back from Jim Milner, the inventor in Vancouver, WA that's making the ElectriCar and the AirCar. He might be willing to show his vehicle at the OEVA EV-awareness day coming up in Portland on July 5th. You can see his cars at MilnerMotors.


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