Friday, June 27, 2008

Prepping for Engine Removal

Things have been a bit frustrating this past week with my home internet connection down. It will get restored at the end of next Wednesday. I'm relegated to either go into work or camp out under a wi-fi antenna in a nearby parking lot to gather information or keep in touch with people. Life could be far worse, but I enjoy complaining about it...

I spent this morning going over the engine removal instructions in the Helms manual. It turns out that pages 5-20 and 5-21 are missing from the online .PDF version which are the last critical steps involving raising the engine out of the car. I'm very thankful for the other folks in the Google Group who are willing to share their Helms manual pages to keep this process.

It also looks like I'll need to get a ball-joint remover or make do with a gear puller to take apart the front suspension. Sears has one for $20, but that may be a few days off, so I'll see if Harbor Freight has something.

Tim Foster from Patriotic Motors in Spokane, WA dropped by last night on his way through to California to chat about the EV conversion business and AC motors. He was pretty sleep deprived, so I hope he makes it safely to his destination.

I have an appointment with someone this afternoon to see the working Civic engine so he can purchase it after removal from the car. I look forward to getting the engine out and moving forward.

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