Saturday, June 7, 2008

Getting Interviewed and Finding a Car

A few new things have happened over the past two days. With the huge jump in oil prices yesterday, I received a call from the local KEX radio to ask about electric vehicles and how they could be part of the solution. James Boggs over at Electronpirate interviewed me today for a podcast about my past conversion experiences and this Civic-EV project. I was hoping that Bob Bath, the original CivicWithACord creator, could join us but I think he might have had problems with his Skype connection.

My co-worker Ian and EV partner looked at a Civic yesterday and we're going to pick it up on Monday. It's a '92 DX in good condition without A/C so we won't have to drain the refrigerant. It will be great to have an actual vehicle to take measurements on and hack into instead of heading out to the wrecking yard in the rain to work on a trashed Civic.

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