Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Buying an Engine Hoist

What's the use of converting an EV if you don't get to buy some cool tools? With vacation coming up next week to remove the gasoline engine from the Civic, I needed to get an engine hoist. One of my associates named Matthew, took the time to look around and he found a 2-ton hoist at Harbor Freight Tools on sale for $147. He used it to remove the engine from his truck and then he sold it to me.

Here's the hoist in the back of my Subaru Outback. Having a gasoline "support vehicle" during the conversion to transport big items is a must. I'll probably be driving up to Seattle to pick up the Warp9 motor and other EV supplies from my colleague Carlo at EV-Supply with this.

The hoist is 228 pounds, so I carefully dragged it out of the car and put it in the driveway to check it's operation.

I still only have a single car garage, so I've stored the hoist in the garden hose nook next to the 914 EV. The legs are folded up and I've zip-tied them to the rest of the frame to prevent them from falling down in case I bump the unit.

next up: A surprise package in the mail

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