Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let the Conversion....Begin!

Whoosh! Today was loads of fun. The conversion process has started and the Civic is out of commission and up on jack stands. The electric 914 has been relegated to the driveway until the conversion is done or at least until I roll that sucker out of the garage. I also got my internet connection back, so I feel good about being able to post entries and photos from my home.

I spent most of the day prepping the Civic engine for removal and attempting to document the process (see following blog entry). The temperatures rose to the mid 90s this afternoon, so I took a break to go see the "Wall-E" movie. After that, I finished working on the suspension to remove the drive-shafts and am all ready to attach the engine hoist. I just need some bolts and a chain to attach the hoist to the engine block. A quick run to Harbor Freight Tools tomorrow and Home Depot ought to suffice.

Here's the empty garage full of tools waiting to dismember the Civic.

Here's the Civic where it's been parked on the street for awhile. I showed off the running engine yesterday to an eager buyer, so hopefully I'll be able to ditch the engine and extra parts next week.

It's an EV faceoff! Classic Red 914 AC vs. Modern Blue Civic DC conversion! Who will come out on top and who will get sold off to the highest bidder!

The last look at the Honda Civic engine compartment in working order. Death to the gasoline engine!

Tomorrow will be consumed with showing the 914 EV at the Recycled Arts Fair at Esther Short Park in Vancouver, WA. Apparently the turnout today was pretty good, despite the hot weather. I'll be sure to bring extra water to fight off dehydration.

next up: documenting the engine removal process

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