Friday, September 26, 2008

Tentative Motor Mount Drawing

I attempted to draw a tentative motor mount plate for the tail end of the Warp9 motor.

Here is the drawing in Google Sketchup (click to enlarge).
I'll be drawing this on a piece of paper today and seeing if it works. The four mounting holes for the end of the motor (5/18" - 18) are at a funny angle, so I may just trace them out and then draw them in later.

Continuing with my theme of using bolts to hold things together, the three holes at the top will interlace with the two holes from the driver-side engine mount. I plan on using beefy grade-8 1/2" bolts for this.

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Joe said...

This may be old news, but I thought Peter over at:

Was under the impression that the rear axle was removable. I didn't see any follow up posting that he had in fact removed it.