Friday, September 26, 2008

Capturing the Misaligned Holes on the Adapter Plate

Perry Harrington, who manufactures the adapter plates for Electro Automotive, requested that I post some information on the mis-aligned holes in the Civic adapter plate. While I don't have time to take precise measurements, I will attempt to take relevant pictures so that Perry can infer where the holes need to move.

This is the bolt hole on the transmission side just above the throw-out arm for the clutch. The top edge of the picture is parallel with the top edge of the adapter plate. It looks like the adapter plate hole needs to move a few millimeters in the "10 o'clock" direction. I don't feel like drilling out this hole, so I used a 3/8" bolt instead of a 7/16" bolt and it just fit.

This is the hole just above the driver's side drive-shaft on the motor side of the adapter plate. The supporting bolt would not screw in due to mis-alignment. It's very close, but not quite there. If I look closely, it seems like the adapter plate hole needs to move down (6 o-clock direction) about a millimeter. I might just drill this hole a bit larger to let the bolt go in.

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