Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Setting up KeepOut Areas

In preparation for designing the front and firewall battery racks, I wanted to make sure the engine compartment had several existing components in it so I could determine clearance more accurately.

Here my friend Rick and I are re-installing the transmission so I can properly figure out clearance on the front battery rack and placement for the firewall battery rack. This will be a bit tricky to fit the four firewall batteries and still close the hood. Although I can pick up the transmission by hand, it was far easier to use the engine hoist to slowly lower it in and bolt it back to the frame.

The rear support beam of the firewall battery rack will traverse the width of the engine compartment. In order to adequately bolt into the chassis, I had to bend (very carefully!) these brake lines back so that they wouldn't interfere with the battery rack.

Here is the brake line going into the driver side tire well. I had to carefully bend this down so that I could mount a vertical metal bar on the driver side shock tower that didn't interfere with the brake lines. I'm using this metal ruler as a straight-edge to determine interference with the brake line.

Next up: designing the front battery rack

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