Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Processing the Engine Wire Harness

This evening, I took apart the engine harness that we looked at back here.

After taking the harness apart, I'm left with a bunch of rotten electrical tape (top center in picture), the leftover wires (on the right) and what I really care about (on the left). The white wire is the alternator wire to the main battery, so I'll probably use that with the DC-DC converter to drive the main battery. The remaining wire harness has a few connectors to drive the reverse lights, the speedometer, and several of the dashboard instruments.

I'm a bit held up right now waiting for parts (what's new...) and thinking about how best to protect the steel for the battery racks. I'll be calling several powder-coating places tomorrow to get pricing, but one person highly recommends using POR-15 rust protector instead of powder-coating. The POR-15 etcher and paint will run me about $80 and will be a big mess in my driveway. I'll see what happens after I get some powder-coating quotes.

I'm also hesitant to design the battery hold-downs right now because all I have is foam-core mock-ups instead of the real thing. If I can get some real Deka 9A31 batteries, I can design the hold-downs more effectively.

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