Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rob Connelly's Front Battery Racks

"If I have seen farther than others it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants"

Many other people have done Honda Civic EV conversions before this one, which is why my job is so easy. There's not much special about this project other than I'm trying to collect the information together into an open-source kit.

I'd like to thank Rob Connelly for providing 3D drawings of his front battery racks so people can see different ways of doing things.

Here's a picture captured from a .PDF that Rob put together.

Here is a picture of the front battery rack support that Rob C. used to support the rack above. Overall, this is a very clean installation that looks very professional.

I also received a note from David Harrington, who is converting a 6th gen Civic (1996) at and is making good progress.

Again, many thanks to everyone who is working on a Civic conversion and contributing to this open-source project.



jsn said...

Very cool. Are there more photos of Rob Connely's conversion online somewhere?

Is he using the second shaft of the motor to run the power steering pump?

TimK said...

Hi jsn,

There are a few photos in the Files section of the civic-ev-kit Google Group, but I don't think Rob has posted an official entry to yet. He's using the second shaft of the motor to run the air conditioner, but I've heard that will probably change in the future.

Cheers, Tim