Friday, January 23, 2009

Suspension Toys

Since I've been having difficulty finding springs that actually fit the car and handle the extra battery weight, I broke down and called Ground Control to see what they had to offer. They were very responsive and their technician recommended a coil-over set with custom springs for the project.

Delivery was remarkably fast. I ordered these Tuesday and they arrived today. The two thicker springs on the left are for the rear and the two on the right are for the front suspension. Ground Control offered to replace the springs for free if they didn't allow for a proper ride adjustment and I didn't drive on them.

Here are the installation diagrams that came with the kit.

Just so others can see the spring numbers they sent me, here's a copy of the invoice. A full suspension set for $350 isn't too bad, although it just eeks over my $10,000 goal for parts cost.

I'll be calling around to see who can install this set. My friendly local EV group ( suggested a place about ten blocks down the street. They open again on Monday, so we'll see how it goes.

I still have to paint three metal pieces with POR-15 to prevent them from rusting, but the temperatures around here are still in the 30s (yes, I know that's balmy for some of you). POR-15 doesn't really stick until it gets above 50 and I don't want to use that stuff inside where I might get woozy from the fumes.

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