Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mounting the Link-10 E-meter

I decided to start mounting the Link-10 Battery Monitor (E-meter) this weekend. As many of you know the Link-10 is very deep and doesn't fit too well in typical pillar pod holes.

To solve this problem, I purchased a piece of 2" (inside-diameter) ABS plastic tube from Home Depot for $3. This is very common stuff and should be in the plumbing tube section.

I basically cut a 1 1/2" piece of this tubing and filed the end to make it smooth and flat. I then used black industrial plastic adhesive to glue it to the pillar pod hole as shown here.

After the adhesive dried, I was able to slide the link-10 in quite easily and use a tie-wrap to hold it in place. I have to rewire some of the engine compartment and add the shunt before I can wire this up.

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