Saturday, November 15, 2008

Re-Using Computer Wires

The Belktronix system instructions call for attaching all the Batmon boards with twisted pairs of wires. I couldn't find a spool of twisted wires at the hardware store, but it dawned on me that most desktop computers use twisted wires to connect the motherboard with the switches/LEDs on the front panel. So, I went over to my friend non-profit computer recycler FreeGeek and picked up a handful of twisted wires out of their wire recycling bin for $1. This is great because I get a huge variety of colors and a few LEDs and small switches included. I even got a ferrite core that could be useful for reducing noise.

In short, if you have a local computer recyling place, there are tons of colorful twisted pair wire sets available.

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Unknown said...

you can make twisted wire. Put two pieces in a drill chuck. Turn on drill...