Friday, November 14, 2008

Charger/DC-DC Arrives

The last piece of equipment from Belktronix arrived today.

Here's the charging system from Belktronix. The 1200 watt charger is combined with the DC-DC converter on the right. The small black box on the left is the charge controller box which interfaces with all the Batmon units that monitor the voltage on each battery. I'm psyched that I finally have all the critical pieces and nothing left is holding me back.

Last week, I also dropped by my favorite overpriced EV parts store: West Marine. This is a 15 amp charging inlet used for boating. This will fit nicely on the front right bumper to allow me to plug in without opening the hood. Many people use the space behind the gas-tank cover for their charging inlet, but I much prefer it near the front of the car because that's where all the components. Having the inlet on the front also makes it much closer to the ground and closer to the charging station if I'm parked front end in.

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