Friday, November 14, 2008

Component Placement on Plastic Control Board

With all the components under the firewall rack installed, I put the four remaining batteries in the rack and started figuring out the placement of parts on the control board.

Here is the tentative placement of charger and controller. The contactor is off to the far right. I purchased a piece of black "UHMW" plastic (28" long x 8 1/2" wide by 1/2" thick) to mount the components on. My EV cohort Ron used this plastic in his VW Jetta EV at Shorepower Technologies and it seems to work well.

I wanted to put all the high-current, high-voltage cables on the right, so the controller, contactor and motor terminals are all over there. The charger/DC-DC converter is on the left. I'll put the AC power inlet on the passenger side bumper and velcro the system integrator and charger monitor in the remaining space behind the passenger side headlight.

I still have to re-assemble the drive-shafts and suspension underneath the car, but much of the mechanical work is getting close to complete. Based on the detailed instructions in the Belktronix installation manual, I think the wiring will go fairly smoothly.

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