Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Arranging the Electronics

The next step was to figure out where to put all the control electronics under the front hood to minimize wiring.

The Belktronix system comes with velcro attached to the underside of most of its components. I was able to fit the Integrator and Charge Controller in the passenger-side nook, next to the main charging unit. I attached the IsoBatMon circuit to the top of the closest AGM battery (right side of photo) to minimize cable runs.

Also, notice that I kept the thick wire that came from the alternator (thick white wire in lower-left of photo). I plan to re-use this to take current from the DC-DC converter (hmm... just like the alternator...)

Several of the fast-on connections on the Belktronix components are really tight (like the double blade connectors). After feeling uneasy about forcing the existing crimp connectors into these tight holes, I took the advice of another Civic EV converter (Bob Kaiser) and replaced the plastic enclosed crimp connectors (on the left) with bare ones (on the right).

To keep all conductive surfaces unexposed, I added heat-shrink tubing to the bare crimp connectors (sorry for the blurry picture). These slid right into the double blade receptacles without any undue force.

Next up: more wiring!

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