Sunday, November 9, 2008

Preparing the Engine Wiring Harness

Before I can put in the firewall batteries and start hooking things up, I need to finish cleaning up the engine wiring harness.

Here's what's left of the wiring harness after I removed all the things I didn't need. In the middle of the harness on the right is a nine-foot long loop of 4-in-1 automotive wire (16 gauge) that I'm going to attach to several wires as an extension so that I can easily route everything to the EV controller board in front of the firewall batteries.

The only items left are:
  • C104 - starting wire (black/white on harness, white on 4-in-1 wire)
  • C106 - 12V keyed power (black/yellow on harness, green on 4-in-1 wire)
  • C108 - temperature gauge sending wire (yellow/green on harness) - dangling
  • C110 - backup-lights - connector on transmission
  • C112 - speedometer sending wire - connector on transmission
  • C118 - oil light (yellow/red on harness, yellow on 4-in-1 wire)
  • C119 - battery light (white/blue on harness, brown on 4-in-1-wire)
  • C124 - main wire harness connector (2 thick wires)
  • C126 - main wire harness connector (14 small wires)

After I cleaned things up and covered everything with flexible cable cover, I'm left with the two main wire harness connectors in the lower left, the backup and speedo connectors in the middle right, and the 4-in-1 wire that will go to the EV control board in the upper right.

After I get some tie-wraps tomorrow, I'll thread this through the engine compartment.

That's it for the weekend... I'm wiped.

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