Saturday, October 18, 2008

Documenting the Racks

Last Saturday, my buddy Ian and I spent the day re-working the firewall battery rack. I wasn't sure on clearance to the hood with the LifeLine batteries and things just didn't seem to fit.

Ian and I re-attached the hood and put white masking tape on the underside to more easily see where the batteries would interfere. After much staring with a headlamp at the masking tape with the hood closed, Ian suggested that we rotate the firewall batteries 90 degrees. This would make them stick forward an extra half inch, but the terminals would be much more towards the rear of the car, giving much more space for the thick wiring.

I spent most of today re-engineering the firewall rack for this rotated orientation. I also spent most of the afternoon adding documentation to the Civic-EV Google Group with regards to installing the motor/transmission and constructing the battery racks. The instructions are far from finished and I still need to draw Sketchup pictures of the angle-iron, but things are moving forward.

You can see the latest documents at the following link:


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