Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cutting the Battery Hold-downs for the Rear Rack

The upper edge of the LifeLine batteries has some protrusions that the battery hold downs must fit around. I'm using 3/4" angle iron to hold down the batteries in the rear trunk. To make the hold-downs work for the life-line batteries, I used the metal cutoff grinding blade to make several adjacent cuts, thereby making a much wider unified cut.

In order to notch out the 3/4" angle iron, I made one cut on the right and several vertical cuts (1/8" wide each) on the left side of the notch. I could then wiggle my sabre saw blad into the wider cut on the left and finish cutting out the notch.

Here's one of the rear hold-downs almost complete. I've used my sabre saw to cut the notches on the left and just have two left, including the unfinished one shown in the picture.

These pieces of angle iron seem fairly ridgid, so I think this scheme will work out reasonably well.

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