Sunday, August 17, 2008

Visiting EV-Supply in Bellevue

Yesterday, I took a road-trip to Bellevue (near Seattle) to pick up the rest of my major EV parts from Carlo at EV-Supply. Most of the EV garages that I've been to have been a hodge podge of parts and people scurrying around like bees to get things done. This garage was no exception.

Here's a crate full of Netgain Warp9 motors. Mine was originally scheduled to be shipped back on July 2nd, but Netgain has been swamped with orders for motors, so their production backlogged. I guess that's not a bad problem to have given that I want to see more EVs out there.

This Chevy S-10 project is almost done. You can see the ADC 9" motor bolted to the transmission in the center of the vehicle. I wish I had an automotive lift in my single car garage...

Carlo is working on several adapter plate and hub designs for the ADC and Netgain motors. This is one of his test-fixtures.

One of the most popular vacuum pumps used for braking assist in the EV industry is the Gast pump. Here is the Gast vacuum storage tank with the pressure switch protruding down the the lower left of the picture. I wanted to capture this since I purchased a Gast pump from Carlo and I need to figure out the hose connections.

Next up: rotating the brushes on the Warp9 motor for the Honda Civic drivetrain

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