Sunday, August 17, 2008

Picking an Accessory Battery

Given the limited space and mounting locations in the engine compartment, I tried to pick a 12V accessory battery that would be the most optimal. The original 12V battery from the Civic was just too big to fit anywhere useful. I ended up deciding on the YIX30L battery from Yuasa. This is a standard size motorcycle battery that has similar amp-hours to the original Civic battery. It also has a width of 6.5 inches, just like the group 31 batteries, so it mounts nicely in the front grille battery rack next to the other two main traction batteries.

Here's the battery. I had trouble finding this at a local store, but it was available on the internet and shippable due to its sealed nature. I found the best price at

On a more interesting note, I found out last week that this blog was listed in a slashdot article
I've been somewhat bombarded with offers for help and requests for further information.

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