Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moving the Instrumentaiton

Since the Synkromotive controller has its own motor speed limiter based on input directly from the Zolox sensor, I decided to clean up the instrumentation by removing the RPM gauge and moving the Link-10 E-meter onto the dashboard. While this removes some of the "coolness" factor without a tach, I like the more simplistic look as I tend to be a minimalist.

Here's the empty pillar pod with the gauges and wiring removed. I'll probably run the local Civic used-parts store and simply get a piece of replacement trim.

Here's where I moved the E-meter to. I can actually see it quite well when driving. It's sitting in the same hole where the defroster button used to sit. I simply carved a rectagular hole in the dash and moved the defrost switch down a few inches. It protrudes a bit, but still works fine.

In addition to moving the gauges, I wired up the "oil" light to the warning light on the Synkromotive controller. The oil light requires it's input wire to pull down to ground. Since the motor controller puts out a +12V signal when there's a fault, I used a simple transistor circuit (see the schematic at the end of this post) and drove the transistor gate through a 3.3K ohm resistor.

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