Friday, April 18, 2008

researching suspension parts

When people purchase their '92-'95 civic, the first thing they'll need to do is upgrade the suspension to handle the extra weight of the batteries. The CivicWithACord journal suggests getting Koni yellow adjustable struts and a set of Ground Control coil-overs. Ground Control sells the coil overs (SKU 4530) for $299+shipping. Make sure you request the beefed up springs, two of type 1200.250.0275 and two of type 1200.250.0200. The 1200 stands for 12" springs, the 250 stands for 2 1/2" inner diameter, and the 0275/0200 stands for the ft-lbs/inch of compression. I'm not sure where Bob Bath got these numbers, I'll have to contact him.

If you search around on the internet, you can find better deals like that has the whole package for $799. Do a Google of "Koni yellow adjustable shocks Civic". You can save some money by purchasing the shocks and coilovers separately. If you search on the forums, sometimes you can get a discount code that works at to save you significant money, but I didn't see a special for the combination I was looking for this time.

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Ezra Moore said...

Hey Tim!

My name is Ezra I live in Port Townsend, WA. Don't give up on this project, this is exactly the idea that I had today, and it will be nice to have someone to share it with. Hope all is going well. I found a 92-95 shell for $900, so I'm gonnah jump on that and get started.